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Accessibility & Sensory Guide

HERO Access Pass

The HERO pass will allow for a one-time expedited attraction access for the guest who is assigned the pass and their party (up to 6). When visiting an attraction more than once, you will then receive a return time. 

The guest assigned this pass does not have to be present when receiving a return time; we do ask that they be present when returning to experience the attraction.  

Immediate access may not be available at the time of your reservation. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Your safety is important to us! 


First Aid 

Peppa Pig Theme Park has one First Aid location. First Aid is located at the front of the Theme Park directly next to Mr. Fox’s Shop. AEDs are available. For immediate assistance, please notify any Puddle Jumper. 



In the event of an evacuation, guests may be required to navigate catwalks or confined corridors, climb stairs, ladders, and/or obstacles. A member of your party may be needed to assist as Puddle Jumpers are not allowed to pick up or carry guests off of attractions. For further assistance, notify the Puddle Jumper at the attraction. 


Attractions Restrictions 

Safety systems of our attractions may restrict who can/cannot safely experience an attraction. This includes guests of exceptional size, height, weight, medical conditions, and/or other physical conditions. For additional assistance, feel free to stop by guest assistance or ask a puddle jumper. 

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